An Ideological Award For Evolution

On 23 December, 2005, the BBC carried a report on its web site titled “Evolution Takes Science Honors.” The report announced that the well-known scientific magazine Science, published in the USA, had given its 2005 science award to evolution. The article said that certain studies into the alleged workings of evolution had been described as the most important scientific development …

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Evolutions Errors Regarding Bambiraptor Feinbergi

Bambiraptor feinbergi is a fossil theropod (small, meat-eating dinosaur) species discovered in the U.S. state of Montana, in 1994. It consists of a skeleton that is 95% complete and is dated to some 75 million years ago. It is presented as evidence by evolutionists for “birds are dinosaurs” theory- which has been the subject of widespread media propaganda despite being …

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10 Notorius Darwinist Fabrications

1. THE LIE THAT "IT HAS BEEN PROVED THAT LIFE COULD HAVE EMERGED BY CHANCE ON THE PRIMITIVE EARTH" The only evidence cited in evolutionist sources is the 1953 Miller Experiment. Yet no living cell was created in this experiment, just a few amino-acids were synthesised. It is mathematically impossible for amino-acids to form strings in the right sequence by …

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