Darwinist Frauds

Random Mutations Destroy Life And Cannot Produce Mutually Compatible Organs

Darwinists maintain that living things evolve as a result of chance mutations and that blind and unconscious mutations gave rise to all the glorious variety of life we see on the Earth today.  This claim represents a serious logical inconsistency. Mutations are breakages, impairments and displacement as a result of radiation of chemical effects in the DNA in the nucleus …

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Darwinists Are Terrified And Baffled By The World That Arises In Our Brains

This was again clearly demonstrated on the program Sansursuz (Uncensored), broadcast on 14 August, 2009. The concept that panicked Darwinists was the “world inside our brains:”   The photon strikes the eye, and an electric signal goes from the eye to the brain. The electric signal departs from the eye and reaches an area the size of a lentil called the …

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The Fundamental Philosophy Of Freemasonry: Darwinism -2-

As we explained in details in the first part of this text, the fundamental philosophy of freemasonry is based on Darwinism. That is because, though having no scientific aspect whatsoever, Darwinism is a fake ideology with a scientific guise propounded solely to make the mainstays of freemasonry (atheism, aimlessness, wars and degeneration),  that is the system of the antichrist (dajjal), …

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