Darwinist Frauds

Darwinists” Latest Tactics: Feeble Stories of A Punished Darwinist Teacher, an Apologetic Darwinist Imam and So-Called “”Wronged Darwinism””

Since Darwinists are fearful of science, they employ propaganda tactics instead. Darwinists employ a hypnotic technique  that prevents people from thinking independently or examining the true scientific evidence. The reason millions of people have been misled  by Darwinism for years is that they have, either knowingly or unknowingly, been taken in by this spell cast by Darwinism. The latest Darwinist tactic aimed …

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Response to the Huffington Post: Evolution as well as creation should be taught in schools

An article by Jaless Rehman was published on the world renowned Huffington Post web site on 1 January, 2011. In that piece, Rehman referred to the influence and importance of the works of the globally esteemed author Mr. Adnan Oktar. In that article, Rehman speaks of the power of Mr. Oktar’s effective and scientific campaign against Darwinism and mentions the …

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Darwin is the universal acid that affects everything, by Jerry Bergman, PhD

Review of The Political Gene: How Darwin’s Ideas Changed Politics by Denis Sewell, Picador, London, 2009 According to evolutionists Daniel Dennett Darwinism is the universal acid that affects everything.  Denis Sewell does an excellent job documenting this claim. Sewell, a journalist and broadcaster, has assembled a well-written review of the political uses and abuses of Darwinism. He has documented how …

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