Darwinist Frauds


The severe blows and rapid loss of support suffered by the theory of evolution in recent years has led some evolutionists to act out of panic. One of evolutionists’ most recent contortions appeared in the September 2009 issue of Scientific American. The magazine devoted that particular issue to “origins,” and offered up evolutionists claims that have already been refuted with …

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Mosaic Evolution Deceit

–    Ida It claims that every organ in the body evolved at different periods and different stages independently. –    Using this claim Darwinists say, “we can not see a semi-reptile, semi-bird living being because the evolution takes place on the organs’ level.“ –    That is why they try to show tiny details on perfect living beings as an evidence for …

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A Response To Yigit Bulut”s Claim That “You Cannot Explain What Was Before The Big Bang Nor Link That To The Big Bang”

The fact that it is Allah Who created the Big Bang and the entire universe and all of life does not (Allah is beyond that) stem from any lack of explanation or lack of finding an answer to what went before it. In that case, that would require an explanation only to what was before and that all life and …

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