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The Lie of Human Evolution

A New Fairy Tale about the “Evolution of the Brain” and Radikal’s Biased Coverage

In its 26 March 2004 edition the Turkish daily Radikal carried an article titled “Man, A Genetic Error!” The article concerned a new evolutionist claim put forward by University of Pennsylvania’s Hansell Stedman and his team. The caption to the article read: “The contribution of a ‘genetic error’ to the development of mankind: The jaw shrank and made room for …

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An Analysis of a Typical Piece of Darwinist Propaganda: NTVMSNBC.COM, 6 March 2004

In this article we carry out an analytical study for our readers. Our aim is to contribute to our readers developing a critical perspective with regard to Darwinism, which is defended as a dogma in modern science. Our subject matter is tooth fossil findings attributed to human evolution. The specimen we shall be looking at comes from NTVMSNBC.COM, which has …

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The Myth of the Evolution of the Rejection of Love in New Scientist

New Scientist carried an article called “Dumped” in its 14 February 2004 edition. The article dealt with various experiments that had been performed on people who had fallen in love and separated. Emotions such as anger, hatred and disappointment in people suffering the pains of love and data from brain scans of the subjects were interpreted from an evolutionist perspective. …

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Myths of the Transition to Bipedalism in Scientific American

The February 2004 edition of Scientific American magazine carried an article headed “Good with Their Feet.” Written by Blake Edgar, the article reviewed the book Upright by the Chair of Department of Anthropology, University of Southern California, Craig Stanford. In commenting on the so-called evolution-based theses of bipedalism of Stanford”s, who is also an evolutionist, Edgar refers to the transition …

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