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The Lie of Human Evolution

The Stage And Backstage In The Supposition Of Man’s Evolution -Samples From The Scientific American

STAGE AND BACKSTAGE Much of the evolution material confronting us frequently in newspapers and on TV screens is to do with humankind. There is a fair amount of speculation on the transitions of the supposed ancestors of man, the hominoids, in terms of anatomy and culture and the causes of and reasons for human qualities like a large brain and …

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Who Were The Neanderthals?

Prepared by Kate Wong, a Scientific American science writer, this comprised a wide-ranging file on the Neanderthals. Published in Scientific American”s special edition, it provided information about the anatomy, culture and behavior of these people who lived in Europe and Western Asia for more than 200,000 years; and comparisons between them and Homo sapiens were made. Space was also devoted …

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Why does the intelligent behaviour in monkeys not show that man evolved from apes?

Monkeys exhibit various forms of intelligent and social behaviour. Evolutionists point to the way monkeys manage to imitate human behaviour, and then construct similarities. Monkeys are claimed to be the closest animals to man in terms of intelligence, and these similarities are used by evolutionists as the basis for the claim that man evolved from apes. The fact is, however, …

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The Articles “Out Of Africa Again…Again?” And “The Multiregional Evolution Of Humans”

These articles concerned an aspect of the human evolution scenarios which is the subject of fierce debate amongst evolutionists. The article “Out of Africa” was written by Ian Tattersall, curator in the Department of Anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In his article he produced the scenario whereby modern man emerged in Africa and …

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