The Lie of Human Evolution

The Latest Dino-Bird Hype And The Facts

Last week the world media trumpeted the recent discovery of a group of fossils in China as evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Beijing”s Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology issued a statement saying that one of the six fossils in the group belonged to a “dino-bird with four wings” and that this extinct creature was able to fly, or …

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The “99 %” Myth Is Dead Evolutionists Admit That Humans and Chimps Are Not Genetically Similar

For a very long time, the evolutionist choir has been propagating the unsubstantiated thesis that there is very little genetic difference between humans and chimps. In every piece of evolutionist literature, you could read sentences like “we are 99 percent equal to chimps” or “there is only 1 percent of DNA that makes us human”. Although no conclusive comparison between …

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Why It Is Meaningless For Evolutionists To Use Australopithecus In Their Human Evolution Claims

Evolutionists give the name Australopithecus, meaning ‘southern ape,’ to man’s first alleged ape-like ancestor. In fact, these creatures are nothing but an ancient extinct species of ape. Although various Australopithecus species have been found, only Australopithecus afarensis (represented by ‘Lucy,’ put forward as proof of human evolution when discovered in 1974) is regarded as man’s direct ancestor. Detailed analysis of …

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