The Transitional Forms Deceit

Darwinists In Shock! “”We Were Wrong, T. Rex Is Also Not A Transitional Fossil!””

A small copy of Tyrannosaurus rex, for long the subject of Darwinist transitional form propaganda, has been found in northwest China. Just as one might expect from Darwinists, the fossil, given the name Raptorex kriegsteini, was first depicted in the press as the ancestor of T. Rex.   But when more details of the fossil were released, it was realized …

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Darwinists Could Not Speculate On The Hand Fish

  The fins on the hand fish’s chest are quite well developed and resemble a hand. The hand fish uses its hands to move across the sea bed. Just like the Coelacanth, this animal is a bottom-dwelling fish that inhabits the ocean deeps. If the fish were extinct and Darwinists had discovered its remains, evolutionists would have no hesitation about …

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Pikaia Is A Perfect Cambrian Living Thing, Claiming That It Is A Transitional Form Fossil Is A Deception

Pikaia, because of several of its features, was included in the phylum Chordata, which also includes vertebrates. The first known Cambrian representative of this phylum, it had a pair of short tentacles on the front. The trunk consisted of solid blocks of muscle, curved in an S shape. The tail expanded in the form of a fin. Pikaia swam just …

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