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The logic that nothing, but chance, is scientific is a flawed one. It is a logical dead-end. If brand-new civilizations were discovered in outer space, would the logic of Darwinism and chance be employed in all of them? Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? The portrayal of this miserable logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.

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102 / 2003-06-13

With this program Animal Planet yet again engaged in Darwinist propaganda based on chimpanzee intelligence and behavior. Animal Planet"s efforts to construct parallels between man and monkey throughout the program were striking. The documentary dealt with chimpanzees" use of tools and certain "political" behavior, such as making noises. Animal Planet, which has in any case adopted the mistaken belief that man is a species of animal, totally ignored the facts and made the unrealistic claim that the chimpanzee is not only a living thing capable of using tools, but that it is the only creature on the planet, apart from man, which is able to do so!

Darwinist preconceptions may have established a special emotional bond between chimpanzees and Animal Planet. Yet Animal Planet is mistaken in thinking that the chimpanzee is the only animal capable of using tools. It is a known fact in the scientific world that New Caledonian crows possess a superior tool-making capability. These creatures have astonished scientists by making the kind of tools no chimpanzee could ever make, and these abilities have been reported in the well-known magazine Science ("Shaping of Hooks in New Caledonian Crows," Science, vol. 297, no. 5583, August 9, 2002, p. 981).

In short, from the point of view of their tool-making abilities, chimpanzees are the most capable creatures only in the fantasy world of Animal Planet, which should at least fulfill its responsibility of basing the chimpanzee fantasies we have grown so familiar with in its pro-Darwinist broadcasts on "accurate" information.

The fact is that evolutionist propaganda based on chimpanzee intelligence provides no scientific proof of the theory of evolution. Statements along those lines are based on nothing more than a blind belief in Darwinism. You can find a more detailed article on this subject here.


The way that all of Europe has become acquainted with Atlas of Creation and the declaration of the fact that living creatures have remained unchanged for millions of years and that evolution is devoid of any scientific worth have led to a major change of belief among the people of Europe. Independent polls conducted by well-known publishing institutions in different European countries have revealed a major drop in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism and that belief in Allah now dominates Europe. >>

In order to create, God has no need to design

It's important that the word "design" be properly understood. That God has created a flawless design does not mean that He first made a plan and then followed it. God, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no "designs" in order to create. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. His planning and creation take place at the same instant.
Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, "Be!"
As verses of the Qur'an tell us:
His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 36: 82)
[God is] the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 2: 117)

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