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The logic that nothing, but chance, is scientific is a flawed one. It is a logical dead-end. If brand-new civilizations were discovered in outer space, would the logic of Darwinism and chance be employed in all of them? Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? The portrayal of this miserable logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.

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67 / 2007-10-01
Darwin set out, at least in his own eyes, the timing and course of the imaginary evolution of living things. According to Darwin, living things developed from the supposed first cell, which itself appeared by chance, and one gradually turned into another, again by chance. This unbelievable claim lacked any scientific support, yet the whole theory was founded upon that hypothesis. An imaginary tree of life was also constructed on the basis of that hypothesis, according to which there was a specific time when every life form appeared in the fictitious evolutionary process. All species were descended from one another according to the alignment of the tree’s branches. Under that scenario, Darwin’s tree grows increasingly narrow as it develops.
Darwinists have relied on this imaginary tree of life for the last 150 years, and have set out the emergence and development of all living things according to it. Since, according to evolutionists, life first began in water, the first fish may have emerged 350 million years ago, but the horse, a mammal, could be no older than 20 million years. This analysis was of course based on no scientific foundations at all. There was not one single fossil to indicate that the living things on the branches of the imaginary tree in question were related to one another. The only source of this totally unrealistic tree was Darwinists’ own imagination and desire to prove their theory. They constructed a tree of life of the kind they wanted to see. Yet the tree of life, the subject of scientific journals, books and conferences, and even taught in school curricula, was no more than a fantasy, a deception.
Fossil findings revealed that evolutionary history was a myth
The early 20th century was a time of intense disappointment for Darwinists. Fossil findings, which were and still are being collected but were and are concealed from the public gaze, clealry revealed that there was no such thing as the history of evolution. The fossil record, which Darwinists expected to represent the most important evidence in favour of their theory, refuted the theory of evolution with the realities they revealed, and eliminated it entirely. All the fossils discovered over a long period in the Earth’s strata were seen to belong to life forms with perfect, complex structures, or to today"s life forms. It was seen that life forms existing millions of years ago were identical to their counterparts today. They never evolved. Not a single fossil pointing to evolution has ever been discovered in the fossil record. On the contrary, all the fossils ever found refuted evolution but confirmed the fact of creation.
The emergence of these facts led to enormous panic among Darwinists, who now realise that this important evidence cannot be concealed, and that the whole world knows of it. They are therefore aware that there is no point in trying to hide the fossils discovered in the way they used to. While some Darwinists have accepted the situation and admitted their defeat, others, as a requirement of the religion of Darwinism, have resorted to hollow, facile and ridiculous strategies rather than admit that defeat. One such facile and ludicrous tactic one encounters in come newspapers, scientific journals and web sites is “putting the clock back”.
Evolution cannot be proved by moving fossils around on the fictitious tree of life
Darwinists have always tampered with the timing of the emergence of living things determined solely by their own imaginations. The reason for this tampering is the discovery of new fossil specimens pushing these life forms back to even earlier times, meaning these are incompatible with the datings previously estimated by Darwinists.
Because new fossil specimens dating back to ever earlier times keep being found, the dates when Darwinists estimate living things to have first appeared keep being pushed back. For example, the discovery of a complete, fully formed 80-million-year-old fossil belonging to a life form previously hypothesised to have appeared 20 million years ago shows that all evolution claims regarding the species in question is no more than speculation. There are so many such reports that the fashion of putting the clock back made an appearance among Darwinists. Darwinists are quite capable of putting the clock back to whatever period the fossil in question indicates. They put the date back as far as necessary and seek to adapt it to the fossil. Various recent examples of this include: 

* First Orchid Fossil Puts Showy Blooms At Some 80 Million Years Old – Science Daily With this report of the discovery of a bee carrying pollen preserved in amber, the imaginary appearance of orchids by way of evolution was put back some 40 million.
(For more detail, see http://www.darwinism-watch.com/index.php?git=makale&makale_id=1427)

* Ancient Ants Arose 140-168 Million Years Ago; Insects Needed Flowering Plants To Flourish – Science Daily The latest soldier ant fossils to be discovered revealed that flowering plants first appeared millions of years before the time maintained by Darwinists.  

 * Amber Specimen Captures Ancient Chemical Battle – Science Daily It emerged that a soldier ant armed with a chemical weapon had possessed that mechanism milions of years before evolutionists had imagined. 
(For details, see http://www.darwinism-watch.com/index.php?git=makale&makale_id=1428)

* New Fossils Illustrate "Bushiness" of Human Evolution – Scientific American The discovery of a Homo erectus fossil alongside a Homo habilis fossil totally demolished Darwin’s tree of life, and this became impossible for Darwinists anywhere in the world to deny. 
(For details, see

* Fossil Pushes Upright Walking Back 2 Million Years, Study Says – National Geographic The tale of the transition to walking on two legs, which Darwinists gave birth to in their minds and attempt to pass off as a fact is constantly changing in the face of new fossils. This report pushed the date of the transition back by twoyears. 
(For detailed information on the impossibility of the evolution of bipedalism, see http://www.darwinism-watch.com/index.php?git=makale&makale_id=1432)

* Fossil find pushes fungi age back 60 million years – Uni. Of Wisconsin News The discovery of 460-million-year-old fossil fungi led evolutionsist to put the timing of the ermegence of the first fungi back by 60 million years. 

  * Fossil shows traces of first modern ears – msnbc Bulunan yeni fosil ile birlikte evrimciler tarafından belirlenen işitme duyusunun ortaya çıkış tarihi 60 milyon yıl daha geriye çekilmiştir.

* Palaeontology: A firm step from water to land – Nature The discovery of the fossil known as Tiktaalik rosea led Darwinists to think that they had found an intermediate form for the passage from the sea to dry land. (But all the speculation concerning this fossil came to nothing when it was realised to represent a mosaic creature.) This fossil led to the fictitious emergence of terrestrial life forms being put back by 10 million years. 
(For detailed information see http://www.darwinism-watch.com/index.php?git=makale&makale_id=1109)

       Evolutionist reference are full of similar reports putting the clock back. With every new fossil discovered, the place of the life form concerned on the fictitious tree of life will be pushed back millions of years. Darwinists’ fantastical tree of life no longer resembles a flourishing tree. Living things have co-existed in a great many historical periods. In addition, these are life forms that still exist today. They have never changed. Darwinists have had to give up the evolutionary dating they set out through a few fossil specimens they were forced to emphasise. The situation is one that Darwinists cannot possibly resolve. Because the fossils that they attempted to conceal for so long are now visible to all in atlases and exhibitions. This totally obliterates both Darwin’s tree of life and the theory of evolution itself. 

        Evolution is a myth that has reached the end of its days. Allah (God) created all living things in a single moment

         Putting the clock back and inventing ever more myths of evolution will gain evolutionists nothing. The countless fossils discovered have put an end to the theory of evolution. Science has provided no backing for Darwinism, and has literally obliterated it. There is no point in tring to conceal these facts by means of one ruse or another.

The fact that so clearly emerges, that Allah (God) created all living things, would appear impossible for Darwinists to deny any longer. Almighty Allah (God), the Creator of all things from nothing and the Lord and Ruler of all the worlds has revealed His sublime works, and continue to do so. Just one word of command from our great Lord is enough to bring a living thing into being from nothing. As He tells us in one verse:
""Among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and all the creatures He has spread about in them. And He has the power to gather them together whenever He wills."" (Surat ash-Shura 29)


The way that all of Europe has become acquainted with Atlas of Creation and the declaration of the fact that living creatures have remained unchanged for millions of years and that evolution is devoid of any scientific worth have led to a major change of belief among the people of Europe. Independent polls conducted by well-known publishing institutions in different European countries have revealed a major drop in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism and that belief in Allah now dominates Europe. >>

In order to create, God has no need to design

It's important that the word "design" be properly understood. That God has created a flawless design does not mean that He first made a plan and then followed it. God, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no "designs" in order to create. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. His planning and creation take place at the same instant.
Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, "Be!"
As verses of the Qur'an tell us:
His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 36: 82)
[God is] the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 2: 117)

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