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News from the world press: “Adnan Oktar has won his struggle against the theory of evolution”

From Italy to Indonesia, Britain to Saudi Arabia, the most prominent newspapers in the world spoke of the success of the anti-evolutionist works of Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) that he has been carried out in the intellectual sense for the last 30 years. All the news reports concluded that he has won this struggle. The Daily Telegraph made the headlines, “Turkey …

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Some Advice For Mine G. Kırıkkanat

 Statements bordering on the downright insulting made by Mine G. Kırıkkanat and directed at people who espouse the fact of Creation, solely on the basis of the fact that their views differ from hers, on the program Sansürsüz, broadcast on the Turkish channel HaberTürk, were totally unbecoming.  If someone else one day directs comments of a similar nature toward Mine …

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Is the Belgian RTBF Channel under Pressure from the Darwinist Dictatorship?

RTBF, the Belgian national TV channel,  broadcast a program containing an interview with Adnan Oktar a few weeks ago.  The point that Adnan Oktar particularly emphasized with irrefutable evidence during this interview, which provided most valuable information on a range of issues, was the Darwinist deception. The provision of information with supporting evidence during the interview in question must have …

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