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The Admission of “Sudden Emergence of Complex Life” in the journal Nature

The 31 August 2016 issue of the journal Nature broke the news that some bacteria fossils dating back to 3.7 billion years ago were discovered in Greenland. This news was covered by other publications as well. Even though some scientific publications tried to present this finding as evidence of evolution, in truth, they are the continuation of the previously discovered …

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The Deception That Photosynthetic Bacteria Formed and Manufactured Oxygen with “A Small Evolution”

Celal Şengör claimed that bacteria making photosynthesis emerged “with a small evolution” and began manufacturing oxygen. This is a terrible deception:  According to this claim, bacteria must have suddenly come into possession of chloroplast and suddenly have become capable of photosynthesis. It is impossible for such a complex molecule as chloroplast tcyanobacteriao form by chance through “a small evolution.” What …

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