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Evolutionist Propaganda On The History Channel

The History Channel Covers Up The Scientific Facts And Repeats The Myth Of Evolution Towards the end of January, the History Channel television company embarked on evolutionist propaganda consisting of four programs. Interestingly enough, this propaganda was not limited to the History Channel, since other channels such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel stepped up their own evolutionist propaganda at …

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The Latest Versiyon Of Baseless Evolutionist Scenarios In Scientific American: Nutrition

In the December 2002 edition of Scientific American magazine, appearing under the headline “Food for Thought,” by William R. Leonard the article spoke of man being a so-called evolved species of animal and attempted to form a link between his nutritional needs and traditions on the one hand and evolution on the other. By means of this article, which was …

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Evolutionary Tell Tales – BBC’s Evolution Of The Human Brain Error

This part of the documentary The Human Body, prepared by BBC and broadcast on the NTV channel on November 6, 2002, dealt with the human brain. In this documentary, the information provided about the brain was supplemented with the usual evolutionist propaganda clichés, and the complexity in the human brain was described as a “miracle of evolution.” Saying that Chance …

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