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Evolutionists Grab At One Last Hope For Signs of Life in Space

There may be evidence of life in space, BBC News Online trumpeted to its readers in a Sept. 30, 2002 news story, “Boost for Life on Jupiter Moon.” The research discussed in the BBC article went like this: Data obtained from the Galileo space probe is leading to conjectures that underneath the layers of ice that cover the surface of …

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Another Evolution Myth Demolished

An article headed “Yawning Gap Divides Monkeys and Us,” which recently appeared in New Scientist Magazine, has dealt another major blow to a decades-old myth of evolution. Everybody knows that evolutionists build relationships based on similarities in examples of DNA they take from various living things and then put these forward as evidence of evolution. These comparisons have formed one …

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Scientific American’s 15 ERRORS – Harun Yahya’s Answer to John Rennie, editor in chief of Scientific American

In its July, 2002 issue, the magazine Scientific American published an article titled “15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.” Yet that aggressive piece of writing actually contained no scientific answers to creationism at all, and merely demonstrated the fanaticism and bigotry of the Darwinist establishment An interesting article appeared in the July, 2002, issue of Scientific American, one of the prominent …

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