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The ‘Junk DNA’ Myth Is On The Brink Of Collapse

As previously explained in the writings of Harun Yahya, “Junk DNA” is a concept that was born out of Darwinist prejudices. Darwinists assume life to be an accidental phenomenon – a myth that is refuted by the intricate design in living organisms. Their assumption of non-design has led them to define the parts of DNA whose functions could not have …

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Darwinists Mispresentations About The Human Genome Project

THE APE-MAN SIMILARITY IS A TALE! The completion of human”s gene map today does not yield the result that man and ape are relatives. One need not be deceived by evolutionists’ attempts to exploit this new scientific development just as they do with all others. As known, the recent completion of the human gene map within the scope of the …

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The Latest Genetic Similarity Propaganda And The Bigotry Of The Darwinist Media

Reports of a new study on genetic similarity have recently been appearing in Darwinist publishing organs. The subject was the genetic similarity between man and chimpanzee, which evolutionists frequently employ as a propaganda tool. This latest study (1) , by a team led by the researcher Morris Goodman of Wayne University in the state of Michigan in the USA, concluded …

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The “99 %” Myth Is Dead Evolutionists Admit That Humans and Chimps Are Not Genetically Similar

For a very long time, the evolutionist choir has been propagating the unsubstantiated thesis that there is very little genetic difference between humans and chimps. In every piece of evolutionist literature, you could read sentences like “we are 99 percent equal to chimps” or “there is only 1 percent of DNA that makes us human”. Although no conclusive comparison between …

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