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The History Channel’s Darwinist And Atheist Propaganda

The television channel known as the History Channel is broadcasting a film called Biography, which deals with the life and views of Charles Darwin. In this film, Charles Darwin”s unscientific views are defended on the basis of no evidence at all, as if they were proven fact, and there is at the same time open atheistic propaganda. The fact that …

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Darwinists Are in Despair: Another Feathered Dinosaur Scenario

Towards the middle of June, another report about evolution and a new fake fossil originating from the Associated Press was excitedly carried in such media organs as Nature, Science Daily, Discovery News, Cosmos, Yahoo News, Guardian Online, BBC News, and Scientific American. The way that a fossil that actually refuted the theory of evolution in many ways was depicted as …

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Evolutionist Deceptions Continue With The Arthropods In ‘The Shape Of Life’ Documentary

The Conquerors episode of the documentary “The Shape of Life” dealt with the arthropods, suggesting that these creatures made the transition from sea to land and afterwards formed a separate category by developing wings and beginning to fly. Evolutionist scenarios, that have been disproved countless times by scientific research and discoveries, were repeated to the accompaniment of new images with …

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The Latest Dino-Bird Hype And The Facts

Last week the world media trumpeted the recent discovery of a group of fossils in China as evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Beijing”s Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology issued a statement saying that one of the six fossils in the group belonged to a “dino-bird with four wings” and that this extinct creature was able to fly, or …

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