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‘Missing Link’ Headlines in the Media: An Unscientific Deception

Have you seen a newspaper headline announcing a fossil discovery in terms of the “missing link” having been found? In that case you can be 100% certain that the report you are reading is of absolutely no scientific value. The reason is simple: serious scientists decades ago accepted that the idea of a “missing link” and the evolutionary story-telling based …

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Evolutionary ancestor-descendant propaganda is merely a bedtime story

One principle component in the propaganda of the fairy tale that species evolved from one another is the fossil species considered within an ancestor-descendant relationship. These relationships may assume concrete form in diagrams in which different species are located on the branches of a family tree, or in the words of a scientist interpreting the skulls laid out in a …

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What is the “Darwinist fairy tale” and why does it constitute no evidence for the theory of evolution?

The documentaries broadcast by such Darwinist TV channels as National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel share one point in common. These documentaries all contain imaginary conjecture as to why and/or how the biological structures or characteristics of a living thing may have evolved. The striking thing is that these accounts are told as facts while they are actually “artefacts” of …

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Darwinists’ Deceptive label: Convergent Evolution

The term “convergent evolution” is used to describe the hypothetical evolution of similar structures in living things according to similar environmental requirements in independent processes. For example, one of the structures assumed by evolutionists to have emerged through convergent evolution is the wing. The bat, a mammal, has wings, and so do birds and flies, as well as some flying …

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