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Fantastical Evolutionary Propaganda: The Creatures of the Future

It may seem surprising, but behind such scenarios, which have recently grown ever more frequent in evolutionist publications, are “scientists” rather than sci-fi authors! In TV documentaries or in articles published in popular science magazines the scientists in question repeat the myth that evolution is a scientific fact and that it will continue into the future. The fact is, however, …

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The Latest Dogmatic Evolutionist Myth Concerning the Origin of Birds: The Four-Winged Dinosaur (Microraptor gui)

Completely speculative and forced interpretations are being made regarding feathered dinosaurs unearthed in China, and these are being depicted, with widespread media propaganda, as scientific facts. One of the fossils subjected to such media propaganda is Microraptor gui. This specimen, found in China and given the name M. gui, was described in an article named “Four-winged dinosaur from China” in …

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Why the Idea of Bird Evolution Is No Longer Tenable

Evolutionists maintain that birds are descended from reptiles. There is no evidence for that claim, however. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence to show that such an evolution is impossible. For instance, the question of how reptiles, land-dwelling animals, began to fly remains unanswered, and this is a matter which has given rise to considerable speculation …

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The Irreducible Complexity of Wings Refutes Evolution

Evolutionists maintain that birds evolved from reptiles. However, there are a number of factors which refute this. One of these is the very different surface structures of the two groups. Birds are covered in feathers, and reptiles with scales. These structures are very different to one another, and there exists not a single fossil specimen to support the claim that …

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