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Discovery Channel Continues With Its Evolution Deception In The Face Of Scientific Discoveries

Neanderthal Man Was a Real Human Being A documentary by the name of “The Fate of The Neanderthal Man” was recently screened by Discovery Channel Turkey. Throughout the program there was intense evolutionist propaganda, with Neanderthal Man being referred to as a kind of ape-man. As well as special footage developed with models whose facial features had been coarsened with …

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The Evolution of the Human Brain: A Blindly Supported Darwinist Myth

Evolutionists claim that man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and that during that imaginary process his brain also grew and developed. According to this view, the growth of the brain is a so-called evolutionary adaptation. Again according to this claim, random mutations and natural selection, bereft of any aim or purpose, are responsible for the alleged evolution of the brain. …

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Why the propaganda regarding the evolution of human intelligence is untrue

Although human beings have certain biological similarities to other living things, only man has constructed civilisation. Mankind has established universities, hospitals, factories and states, composed music, held Olympic games and ventured into space, and has achieved all of these thanks to his intelligence. Evolutionists maintain that human intelligence assumed its present form by evolving during the period following the separation …

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Scientific American’s Propaganda

“Food For Thought” We have already responded to this article which contained speculation concerning the alleged role of nutrition in evolution. You can read that response here. “Skin Deep” This article put forward a number of claims concerning the so-called evolution of human skin. Throughout the article the authors deal with the benefits of pigments in the skin and the …

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