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The False Tale Of Mammal Development That GEO Seeks To Spread Between The Lines

The Turkish version of the magazine Geo carried a report titled “The Earliest Rabbit” in its February 2006 edition. The report announced the discovery of a fossil in Mongolia by a team led by Robert Asher at the Berlin Museum of Natural History. The fossil, given the name Gomphos elkema, belonged to an early species of rabbit and was estimated …

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Evolutionary Distortions From CBT

The Turkish magazine Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik (Cumhuriyet Science and Technology) carried a report titled “The 10 Most Important Scientific Events” in its 7 January, 2006, edition. The article listed the advances described as the most important scientific developments of the year by the American magazine Science. The CBT sub-caption read “Important findings have been obtained regarding the way that populations …

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The Myth Of Feline Evolution

On 6 January, 2006, the BBC website published a report titled “New cat family tree revealed.” The report concerned a genetic analysis regarding the origin of cats conducted by a team led by Warren Johnson of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The scientists in question interpreted their findings in the light of blindly held evolutionist assumptions and …

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Further Support For The Thesis Of Microcephaly In Flores Man

A response was issued by us when Homo floresiensis, to give it its scientific name, or Hobbit, as it was widely referred to in the media, fossils were first discovered (1). In that response we explained how the classification of Homo floresiensis as a separate species was based solely on evolutionist preconceptions, and that there were no concrete scientific criteria …

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