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The Perfect Creation The Skeleton And The Secret Character Of Evolutionists

The skeleton provides support for the human movement system by means of perfect harmony and cooperation between exceedingly detailed anatomical structures. It does this to perfection because it has an equally flexible and strong structure. The skeleton consists of some 200 bones equipped with joints at points that make it possible for the body to move in many directions in …

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The Evolutionist Claim Of A Transition From Water To Land Is A Lie; Tiktaalik Roseae: Another Missing Link Myth

Darwinist media organizations have embarked upon a new wave of propaganda aimed at portraying a fossil recently described in the journal Nature i,ii,iii as a missing link. The fossil in question is that of a fish, discovered in Arctic Canada by the paleontologists Neil H. Shubin and Edward B. Daeschler in 2004. Given the scientific name Tiktaalik roseae, the fossil …

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New Scientist’s Error regarding The Chimpanzee Genome

A report titled “Here’s looking at you, chimp” was published in the 24 December, 2005, issue of New Scientist magazine. The report carried details regarding the studies to decipher the chimpanzee genome. New Scientist, which has adopted as a dogma the scenario of humans and chimpanzees separating from a common ancestor 6 million years ago, suggested that comparative analyses of …

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Jerry Adler’s Darwinism Error

The December 12, 2005 issue of Newsweek International magazine carried an article titled “Evolution of a Scientist.” Written by Jerry Adler, the article concerned an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, about Darwin’s life and influence. The exhibit will display Darwin’s personal effects and insect specimens he had collected. Then it will begin an international …

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