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A New Page in the History of Evolutionist Fraud

It has emerged that an evolutionist professor of anthropology has been providing false information regarding the age of some key fossils for the last 30 years. The falsehoods of this professor, who was obliged to resign from his post in the wake of these developments, are currently described as “facts” in anthropology textbooks, and the authorities state that these need …

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The ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ Deception On The Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel recently broadcast a documentary called “The Real Eve,” in which imaginary scenarios were put forward regarding the spread of modern man, who allegedly emerged by means of evolution in Africa, to the rest of the world. However, scientific discoveries show that the evolution of man is nothing but a fantasy, and that the claims made on The …

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The ‘Coincidental Champions’ Error By The Animal Planet Channel

The Animal Planet channel showed a documentary by the name “The Wild Nature”s Champions”. The program suggested that the zebra’s characteristics and clever behavioral pattern was the product of evolution. In this article, we will demonstrate the scientific invalidity of this claim. The Old Tale Of The Horse’s Evolution “The Wild Nature’s Champions” program, aired by the Animal Planet TV …

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A Series Of Blunders Regarding Monkey Intelligence From National Geographic Tv

National Geographic TV last week broadcast two documentaries. Called “A Tale of Three Chimps” and “My Favorite Monkey,” these documentaries bore clear similarities in terms of the message they sought to give. The consecutive broadcasting of these documentaries by National Geographic TV, their subject matter and timing indicated that deliberate evolutionist propaganda was going on. This channel, which last month …

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