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The Error of Islamic Evolutionism

In its October 2-8 edition, the Turkish magazine Tempo published an article titled “Islam Accepts Darwin” as its cover story. That same article was also published in daily Hurriyet and on various Internet sites. Sabah columnist Emre Akoz cited the file as a reference in an article called “Islam Makes Peace with Darwin,” dated October 2. The report in Tempo …

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The Mysteries of Life and Evolutionist Errors in New Scientist

The mysteries of life and evolutionist errors in New Scientist New Scientist magazine published an article called “The Mysteries of Life” in its 4 September, 2004, edition. The article in question concentrated on the 10 most important questions that science has been unable to answer. However, the groundless evolutionist claims contained in the article were particularly striking. The claims in …

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An Evolutionist Fairy Tale About The Immune System

On 7 July 2004, the Nature magazine website carried a report titled “Immune systems evolved more than once.” The article, written by Laura Nelson, described how it had been discovered that the fish-like creatures called lampreys possessed a different immune system to that of mammals. Judging from the lamprey metabolism, which rejects skin grafts, scientists had previously calculated that these …

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