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The Fact About Giardia

Recent research into the intestinal parasite Giardia intestinalis has refuted the “missing link” role previously ascribed to the myth of the evolution of this organism”s eukaryotic cell. In contrast to what had previously been supposed, it has been revealed that there are mitochondrial genes and mitochondria-like sacs in Giardia. Evolutionists maintain that the eukaryotic cell evolved from the prokaryotic cell. …

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The Myth of Snake Evolution on NTVMSNBC.COM

A report dated 9 April 2004 on the NTVMSNBC.COM news portal, titled “The evolution of snakes began on land,” dealt with a genetic analysis performed by Blair Hedges, a Penn State biology professor, and the postdoctoral fellow Nicolas Vidal. In their research, to be published in the 7 May 2004 edition of the journal Biology Letters, Vidal and Hedges compared …

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The (Ignored) Debate On A Study On Neanderthal Tooth Development

New Scientist magazine carried a report titled “Neanderthals Had A Life Less Human” in its 1 May 2004 edition. The article reported on a claim about Neanderthal Man published in the British scientific magazine Nature. (1) The researchers Ramirez Rozzi and Bermudez de Castro compared Homo neanderthalensis teeth to those of other prehistoric species included in the genus Homo and …

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Convergence Evolution Myth In Nature

The 22 April 2004 edition of Nature magazine carried an article titled “Developmental Genetics: Bittersweet Evolution.” (1) Written by Günter Theißen, the article reported a study by Beverley Glover and her colleagues on the tomato and bittersweet, which was published in the journal Gene. (2) The report revealed that these two plants are identical in terms of the appearance of …

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