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Natural Comparisons: Dead Ringer

In this program Animal Planet devoted space to exceedingly deceptive statements frequently employed among evolutionists in popular accounts. These accounts lacking any scientific value can be regarded as being no more than fairy tales. The following statement was used in the context of dolphins, which, according to the theory of evolution, evolved from land-dwelling mammals: ‘The ancestor of the dolphin …

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Unfounded Claims from New Scientist Magazine Regarding the Evolution of Multi-Cellular Organisms

The July 26, 2003, edition of New Scientist magazine contained a claim concerning the so-called evolutionary origin of multi-cellular organisms. The article, titled “How Animals Learned to Stick Together”, discussed the molecular analyses carried out by Wisconsin-Madison University biologist Nicole King. It was maintained in the article that findings obtained as the result of King”s research had resolved a number …

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Phantom of the Deep

This documentary”s subject was sea creatures living at the bottom of the oceans. Some expressions used in the program revealed the channel”s inability to comprehend the true origins of life. These are listed below: The Error of Attributing the Power of Creation to Nature: Animal Planet: “Evolution has transcended the limits of reason and nature has produced the weirdest creatures …

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Natural Comparisons: Poles Apart

This was the second part of the serial documentary that began on the 5th of July. The documentary explained similarities in nature from an evolutionist perspective. For instance, the program related that the fur of animals, living on the north and south poles respectively, had a similar structure despite the distance in between the poles, but proceeded to claim that …

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