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Animals A to Z: Salamanders

In this program, varieties of salamander are described, some living on land, some in water. Animal Planet claims that millions of years ago salamanders living on land opted to emerge from the water. It is claimed that the embryos of land-dwelling red-backed salamanders do not show a hydrophilous stage and that this demonstrates an important point in evolutionary history (the …

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Discovery Channel “Ultimate Guide: Snakes”

Certain evolutionist claims have been inserted into this documentary which gives various information about snakes. The first of these concerns the ability of snakes to swallow prey larger than their own heads. On this subject, Discovery Channel makes this claim: Amongst the first developments of snakes in evolution was the reconstruction of their heads. From being tightly connected, their jawbones …

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Animal Planet “Insectia: Scorpions”

In this Animal Planet documentary, it is claimed that scorpions emerged on land 450 million years ago and were the first vertebrates “bold” enough to do so. Animal Planet also claimed that the so-called evolutionary ancestors of the scorpion were creatures living in water with gills of nearly 1 meter. It is true that water-dwelling scorpions from the Silurian Age …

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Beware of the Darwinist prejudice of BBC and CBS News

Last week there were two items on and that contained some speculations and comments arising from evolutionist prejudices. In an article entitled “Itchy answer to hairless humans” that appeared on June 9, 2003, Oxford University professor Sir. Walter Bodmer and Reading University professor Mark Pagel put forward a new evolutionist idea that, unlike chimpanzees and other mammals, human …

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