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PBS “Shape of Life – II”

In this program about Cnidaria, the phylum to which jellyfish, coral and the sea anemone belong, after the statement that the nervous and muscular system on which the movements of present day animals is based first emerged in Cnidaria, the following evolutionist claims are made: Millions of years ago Cnidaria brought about a revolution and brought movement to animals. We …

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Animal Planet “Champions of the Wild”

The following evolutionist statement is made in this documentary about insects: Bats and birds developed a pair of fingers into wings. But the wings of insects emerged by themselves and are very strong. Both statements are incorrect. Let us examine them in turn. The claim that the wings of insects developed by themselves shows that Animal Planet is involved in …

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Discovery Channel “Ultimate Guide: Bears”

In the program, information is given about the lives and various characteristics of different species of bear. The following fairy tale is told in connection with the origin of bears: In ancient times pandas were predators just like wolves. Around 35 million years ago there emerged a species of bear called the dog bear which is the ancestor of modern …

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Evolutionary Psychology Tall Tales from New Scientist

An article titled “Human Nature: New rules for an old game” was carried in the May 24, 2003, edition of New Scientist magazine. The paper was most interesting from the point of view of revealing the inconsistencies to which evolutionists” errors and their blind devotion thereto have led them. The article contained an interview with Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, emeritus professor …

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