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Science Fictitious Evolution Propaganda By The Animal Planet Channel

On the 2nd of May the Animal Planet channel aired a documentary called “THE FUTURE IS WILD.” It was about animals, which would supposedly ‘evolve’ over the next two hundred million years. Computer generated images of weird looking animals were accompanied by an even weirder storyline: A species of fish called ‘flish’ would appear. These fish that have the ability …

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Errors in James Watson’s “Source of Information”

In the May 2003 issue of “Bilim Ve Utopya” (Science and Utopia) magazine, an article was published entitled, “Yasamin Ruhsal Degil Moleküler Bir Temeli Vardir” (The Basis of Life is Molecular not Spiritual). This title was based an interview conducted with James Watson whose findings on the spiral structure of DNA were published in “Scientific American” magazine. This article is …

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The Discovery Channel And Propaganda Films Based On Out Of Date Evolutionist Suppositions

Recently the Discovery channel went on air with a new ape-man propaganda documentary called “Hunt or Be Hunted” in which, once more, actors dressed up as so-called hominids featured. Scenes depicting prey flesh being carved up by blood stained hands holding primitive stone knifes, flesh being carried to a cave, cooked on fire and then being eaten by ape-men, making …

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