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Paul Davies’ Desperate Case for a “Multiverse”

In its April 12, 2003, edition, The New York Times carried an article by the famous astrophysicist Paul Davies entitled “A Brief History of the Multiverse.” In this article, Prof. Davies attempts to defend the claim that there may be an infinite number of universes, and our universe chanced to be suitable for life, which is the latest argument in …

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A Talking Ape Myth From National Geographic TV Claims Which Fly In The Face Of Science

In the documentary “The Cleverest Ape in the World,” broadcast by the National Geographic TV channel, it was claimed that monkeys can speak like human beings. Throughout the program, chimpanzee behavior similar to that of man was put forward as a basis proving evolution. It went even further, and maintained that chimps actually think like human beings. In one study …

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New Scientist’s Multicellular’s Evolution Dreams

In the Ediacara region of South Australia referred to, a larIn its April 12 2003 issue, the magazine New Scientist published an article headlined: “Ice Magic.” In the article, one of the matters which is amongst the greatest problems of the theory of evolution is considered and speculation is set forth about the so-called evolutionary origins of multicellular organisms. However, …

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The Ultimate Guide: Tyrannosaurus rex

The documentary on Discovery Channel dealt with various discoveries made about the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur with a discussion about whether anatomically they were herbivores or carnivores. The claims put forward by evolutionists about the origins of this giant animal are complete fantasy. This is what they claim about the origins of T. Rex: “Today we know that the ancestors of …

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