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The National Geographic Tv’s Evolution Of Speech Error

The National Geographic Channel aired on April 11, 2003 the “Journey Of Man” documentary which explored the evolution of language by misrepresenting the findings of philology. In this present article we refute this evolutionist position. Speech’s Development By Evolution Error An African tribe, said to be primitive, was introduced and its language was accordingly deemed primeval, basing this claim on …

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Discovery Channel’s Concealment Of The Truth About The Fruit Fly

A documentary called “Super Fly” was broadcast on the Discovery Channel on April 11, 2003. The program dealt with the role played by fruit flies of the species Drosophilia melanogaster in the development of genetic science. A number of important scientific advances in various genetic studies in which the fruit fly was used were described, beginning with the research by …

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Discovery Tv’s ‘Junk DNA’ Error

 The Discovery TV aired on April 9, 2003 a program entitled “DNA: The Promise or the Price? Episode II.” Its subject was DNA research and new encouraging developments in the field of medicine. However, it also contained a biased evolutionist claim about DNA. This article will reveal that the evolutionists “useless DNA” contention is erroneous. The Evolutionists “Blank” Insistence On …

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Ape-Man Myths From National Geographic Tv

On April 9, 2003, National Geographic TV aired a documentary by the name of “The Birth of Human Mind”. The film engaged in suggestion with stories about human evolution and showed pictures of ape-men in costumes climbing trees or looking nervously around as they walked through fields covered in tall grass. Some of them made muttering noises while others scavenged …

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