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The Error And Misrepresantstion Of Ape Intelligence By The National Geographic TV

The National Geographic TV aired on the April 3, 2003 a program called “Who is Aping Who?: Hearts and Minds.” Central to this programs storyline were, as always, some well-trained apes. The National Geographic TV was relating information about these apes as if they were people and went on to speculate about these beings’ emotions and thoughts but the really …

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National Geographic TV’s Monkey Tales and Social Darwinist Propaganda

A documentary called ‘Who’s Aping Who?: Social Climbing’ was broadcast on National Geographic TV on April 2, 2003. The documentary reflected one of National Geographic TV’s most frequently encountered forms of Darwinist propaganda. Yet again, National Geographic TV strove to show similarities between great ape and human behaviour and to make people believe that apes and human beings are related. …

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The Discover Magazine’s Evolution Of Laughter Error

  DISCOVER’S ERROR ON THE ORIGINS OF LAUGHTER The article in question was investigating the origin of laughter according to the evolution theory. The amateurism of the article was thinly disguised under a scientific appearance and represented a good example of the flawed logic inherent in evolutionist reasoning. In this article, we will expose the inconsistencies in explaining laughter with …

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Evolution Of Mammals: A Dogma Defended By The National Geographic At All Costs

The National Geographic published in its APRIL 2003 issue an article titled “The Rise of Mammals.” In this rather long article decorated with imaginary evolution trees and pretty pictures, the author, Rick Gore, put forward evolutionist speculations on the origin of mammals, one of the darkest corners in the house of the evolution theory. The magazine listed and classified extinct …

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