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The Darwinist Dictatorship

Some Advice For Mine G. Kırıkkanat

 Statements bordering on the downright insulting made by Mine G. Kırıkkanat and directed at people who espouse the fact of Creation, solely on the basis of the fact that their views differ from hers, on the program Sansürsüz, broadcast on the Turkish channel HaberTürk, were totally unbecoming.  If someone else one day directs comments of a similar nature toward Mine …

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Evolutionist Despotism in the United States

We have referred to the existence of a Darwinist dictatorship that rules the world, acts over and above all laws almost everywhere and that is protected under the law many times before. This is a tyrannical dictatorship, the religion of Darwinism that is totally constructed on deception, that is maintained by no scientific evidence and that therefore imposes Darwinism on …

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What Will Dawkins Have to Say to This?: Londoners Say “We Support Creation”

The 1 July, 2009, issue of the Birmingham Post daily newspaper carried the results of a recent opinion poll, according to which the number of believers in London has risen considerably. These people who voted against evolution believed that Allah had created all of life, just the way it looks now and in a single moment.  This must have come …

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Is the Belgian RTBF Channel under Pressure from the Darwinist Dictatorship?

RTBF, the Belgian national TV channel,  broadcast a program containing an interview with Adnan Oktar a few weeks ago.  The point that Adnan Oktar particularly emphasized with irrefutable evidence during this interview, which provided most valuable information on a range of issues, was the Darwinist deception. The provision of information with supporting evidence during the interview in question must have …

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