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The Darwinist Dictatorship

The Vatican Has Surrendered To Darwinists

The Vatican, the symbol of Christianity, HAS OFFICIALLY SURRENDERED TO THE DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP.  Instead of praising Almighty Allah (God), introducing the beauties created by Him and joyfully reaching out to people and remembering our Lord as the One and Only by showing Allah’s sublime creative power, THE VATICAN IS MAKING PROPAGANDA FOR DARWINISM, which is currently leading the world toward …

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Devout Christians Should Pose These Questions To The Pope

Darwinist dictatorshipWith a recent statement announcing the entire world that it has a moderate outlook on Darwin’s evolution theory, Vatican claimed that the faith of creation in Christianity and biological evolution are complementary. With this statement indicating the Pope’s point of view on Darwin, Vatican, the symbol of Christianity, has undertaken the patronage of an surprising, and even disturbing explanation. …

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Darwinism is the Main Source of Racism

A huge wave of propaganda has recently been initiated in various Turkish and international Darwinist publications. Some of the headlines that have appeared in these publications are: ”Hatred of slavery drove Darwin ideas, book says” and “Darwin: shaped by slavery”, ”Darwin’s Anti-Slavery Views May Have Guided His Theory of Evolution.”  These suggestions, which might at first sight appear capable of …

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The Bans That Cannot Be Breached in Universities

ver the centuries, various theories have been proposed in biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and just about all other such branches of science. These are then either eventually confirmed or disproved. Thus is it that scientific theories lead to scientific progress. When it comes to the theory of evolution, however, the rules are very different. The theory is not built on …

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