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The Darwinist Dictatorship

The Latest Instance of Evolutionist Dogmatism

The Turkish journal Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology) carried a report headed “Was Life Inevitable?” in its December 2006 issue. The report concerned a new claim about the so-called spontaneous generation of life. The noteworthy thing in the article, however, was the judgmental crisis of the researchers concerned, rather than the claim itself, which was devoid of any scientific …

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Dan Neil’s Error: Reconciling Darwinism With Religion

On 27 November, 2005, Los Angeles Times carried an article by Dan Neil. Titled “In God and Darwin We Trust,” (God is beyond all this), the article considered the evolution/creation debate in terms of the situation in Chile, and sought to construct common ground between Darwinism and belief in God. Neil maintained that evolution is a scientific theory and that …

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The Error of Islamic Evolutionism

In its October 2-8 edition, the Turkish magazine Tempo published an article titled “Islam Accepts Darwin” as its cover story. That same article was also published in daily Hurriyet and on various Internet sites. Sabah columnist Emre Akoz cited the file as a reference in an article called “Islam Makes Peace with Darwin,” dated October 2. The report in Tempo …

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