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Darwinist Frauds

Abram Katz’s Fantastical Claims

  An article in the American daily New Haven Register, written by Abram Katz and containing various comments regarding subjects included in Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, contained both inaccurate information and unscientific interpretations.   First and foremost it need to be made absolutely clear that the information in Abram Katz’s article regarding the views of Adnan Oktar, who writes …

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The first part of The “Encyclopedia of Life” Has Now Been Released

    The first release of the Encyclopedia of Life portal, which contains 30,000 species and eventually aims to document all species of life on Earth, is available on the web site Every species on the site has its own page containing images and relevant facts. The aim is for the number of species documented to reach 1.8 million …

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The Aerodynamic Factors That Enable Bats to Fly Exhibit the Sublimity of God’s Creation

A recent study by Swiss and American scientists has revealed the aerodynamic characteristics that keep bats aloft. Just like insects, bats make use of air currents they set up with their wings to keep themselves in the air during flight. These air currents comprise up to 40% of the total force keeping bats aloft. Bats are highly manoeuvrable. They are …

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The Deception That There Was No Oxygen in the Primeval Atmosphere

Celal Şengör has claimed that life began with anaerobic bacteria that breathe in an oxygen-free environment, that oxygen appeared gradually on Earth and that oxygen-breathing bacteria then emerged as a result. This is an explanation meant to support the claim that there was no atmosphere in the primeval atmosphere. But such claim is wrong.  Darwinists maintain that there was no …

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