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Darwinist Frauds

The ‘Intelligent Design’ Distraction

In the United States in the second half of the 1980s, a theory known as “intelligent design” was launched against the theory of evolution, maintaining that all living things came into being not by chance–as Darwinism maintains–but as the result of an “intelligent design.” However, the proponents of this movement do not openly state that it is Allah, the Lord …

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A New Page in the History of Evolutionist Fraud

It has emerged that an evolutionist professor of anthropology has been providing false information regarding the age of some key fossils for the last 30 years. The falsehoods of this professor, who was obliged to resign from his post in the wake of these developments, are currently described as “facts” in anthropology textbooks, and the authorities state that these need …

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The Latest Evolution Tales

Why does engaging in evolutionary fantasies about a living thing not constitute evidence of the theory of evolution? One of the defining features of evolutionary propaganda is the way it is based on telling tall tales. TV channels and newspapers that relate such stories and interpret debateable findings in the light of their own preconceptions impose the theory of evolution …

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Go Wild: Expedition Lemur

The subject matter of this documentary was the lemur species living on the island of Madagascar of south-east Africa. A story was told about how these animals are claimed to have reached the island on a log 60 million years ago, evolving from the “proto-lemur.” (proto = ancestral) Lemurs are members of the pro-simian (lower primates) group. They possess an …

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