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Darwinist Frauds

Home Cats

This program about domestic cats recounted evolutionary tall tales concerning these animals” vision and their immunity to the AIDS virus. The Discovery Channel provided information about domestic cats” light-sensitive eyes and explained that these animals were also distinguished by their immunity to the AIDS virus. It interpreted these two features of the domestic cat from a Darwinist perspective and claimed …

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Discovery Channel “The Jeff Corwin Experience”

“The River Wolf and the Isle of Serpents” This program, which dealt with various species living in the rain forests of Brazil, contained nothing more than evolutionist propaganda based on distorting the facts about a species of snake. This claim concerned how the snake known as the “golden lancehead pit viper” might have come to the island on which it …

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Phantom of the Deep

This documentary”s subject was sea creatures living at the bottom of the oceans. Some expressions used in the program revealed the channel”s inability to comprehend the true origins of life. These are listed below: The Error of Attributing the Power of Creation to Nature: Animal Planet: “Evolution has transcended the limits of reason and nature has produced the weirdest creatures …

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