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Darwinist Frauds

3 Darwinist Documentaries And 3 Dogmatic Stories By The Discovery Channel

Channels with a programming consisting mainly of documentaries like the National Geographic, Discovery Channel or the History Channel are known for their Darwinist approach. These channels tend to tuck in evolutionist terminology when the subject turns to life or the living beings. When talking about a species it goes like: “evolved over millions of years,” “the struggle for survival made …

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New Scientist Must Stop Presenting Outmoded 1960s Theories as if They Were Scientific Fact

New Scientist magazine carried an article called “Together We Are Stronger” in its March 15, 2003 edition. Written by James Randerson, the article appeared under the following box caption: “Was Darwin wrong? Wherever you look, it”s cooperation not selfishness that reigns supreme.” In other words, an attempt was being made to portray a fact which represented a terrible dilemma for …

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Focus Magazine And Richard Dawkins’ Story Of The ‘Selfish Gene’

The March, 2003, edition of Focus magazine carried an article called “The Gene is Selfish.” This dealt with various evolutionist theses developed from Darwin”s time up to the present day, and examined these theses” assumptions regarding genes. It was claimed in the article that the book The Selfish Gene, published in 1976 by the confirmed atheist and Darwinist zoologist Richard …

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Science Magazine’s Haploid-Diploid And Adaptive Mutation Errors

In its March 2003 edition the Turkish magazine Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technique) carried a report headed “Haploids Are Superior, But…” The report concerned an article titled “An Evolutionary Advantage of Haploidity in Large Yeast Populations,” which had appeared in the January 24, 2003, edition of Science magazine. Based upon an experiment on brewer’s yeast, the story contained speculation …

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