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Darwinist Frauds

Science Magazine’s Amino-Acid Error

In its March 2003 edition the magazine Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technique) carried a short article called “The First Synthetic Living Thing.” The article, a translation of a news story in Science magazine, reported on an experiment on the Escherichia coli bacteria carried out by Peter Schultz. The magazine made the statement that this experiment was of great importance …

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New Scientists Latest Myth: “Hiccups Are A Legacy From Evolution”

An article in the February 8, 2003, edition of the British magazine New Scientist carried speculation by an evolutionist researcher called Christian Strauss, who suggested that hiccupping in human beings was a feature left over from evolution. He claimed there was a similarity between respiration in frogs and hiccupping, and suggested that this might be a feature stretching from 370 …

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The Latest Versiyon Of Baseless Evolutionist Scenarios In Scientific American: Nutrition

In the December 2002 edition of Scientific American magazine, appearing under the headline “Food for Thought,” by William R. Leonard the article spoke of man being a so-called evolved species of animal and attempted to form a link between his nutritional needs and traditions on the one hand and evolution on the other. By means of this article, which was …

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Evolutionists Grab At One Last Hope For Signs of Life in Space

There may be evidence of life in space, BBC News Online trumpeted to its readers in a Sept. 30, 2002 news story, “Boost for Life on Jupiter Moon.” The research discussed in the BBC article went like this: Data obtained from the Galileo space probe is leading to conjectures that underneath the layers of ice that cover the surface of …

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