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Darwinist Frauds

Evolutionist Deceptions Continue With The Arthropods In ‘The Shape Of Life’ Documentary

The Conquerors episode of the documentary “The Shape of Life” dealt with the arthropods, suggesting that these creatures made the transition from sea to land and afterwards formed a separate category by developing wings and beginning to fly. Evolutionist scenarios, that have been disproved countless times by scientific research and discoveries, were repeated to the accompaniment of new images with …

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Yet Another Blow to the Myth of Vestigial Organs

Darwinism considers all life on Earth as a product of chance mutations and natural selection and, as an a priori commitment, excludes intelligent design. In order to argue against design, the Darwinist mind seeks for flaws in the biological systems. From Darwin to Dawkins, over and over, this dogmatic stance has led the evolutionist to insist on the existence of …

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Fantastical Evolutionary Propaganda: The Creatures of the Future

It may seem surprising, but behind such scenarios, which have recently grown ever more frequent in evolutionist publications, are “scientists” rather than sci-fi authors! In TV documentaries or in articles published in popular science magazines the scientists in question repeat the myth that evolution is a scientific fact and that it will continue into the future. The fact is, however, …

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Darwinists Mispresentations About The Human Genome Project

THE APE-MAN SIMILARITY IS A TALE! The completion of human”s gene map today does not yield the result that man and ape are relatives. One need not be deceived by evolutionists’ attempts to exploit this new scientific development just as they do with all others. As known, the recent completion of the human gene map within the scope of the …

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