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Darwinist Frauds

Fantastical Evolutionary Propaganda: The Creatures of the Future

It may seem surprising, but behind such scenarios, which have recently grown ever more frequent in evolutionist publications, are “scientists” rather than sci-fi authors! In TV documentaries or in articles published in popular science magazines the scientists in question repeat the myth that evolution is a scientific fact and that it will continue into the future. The fact is, however, …

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Darwinism Is On The Retreat And Can No Longer Deceive The World!

Darwinism claims that intermediate fossils exist, when they do not … It offers invalid “proofs.” All the fossils discovered clearly verify creation, but it maintains just the opposite. It seeks to persuade us that great artists and brilliant scientists came into existence through a chance arrangement of proteins; the odds against that ever happening are 1 in 10950 – in …

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Why Doesn’t Evolutionist Propaganda Work Any More?

The Discovery Channel is persistently airing programs which spread propaganda on the theory of evolution, presenting this theory to the public cloaked as if it were scientific fact, even though in truth it is utterly lacking in validity. Nearly 150 years ago, Charles Darwin, living in a scientifically backward age, first presented his theory of evolution, but by our day …

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