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Darwinist Frauds

The Huffington Post Writer Nidhal Guessoum’s Errors Concerning Evolution

On 4 January, 2012, the U.S. news portal The Huffington Post carried an article titled “Does Islam forbid even studying evolution?” Written by Nidhal Guessoum, professor of physics and astronomy at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, the piece dealt with a recent report widely covered in the international media regarding the unwillingness of Muslim students …

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Why are Darwinist journals ceasing publication one after the other?

Darwinist publications in Turkey have started ceasing publication one after the other. The journals in question, which began publication with great fanfare, are now silently leaving the stage. This is taking place in the same way across the whole world. Even if all the financial resources of the Darwinist dictatorship were diverted their way and all kinds of material infrastructure …

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The invalidity of the claim that “objecting to evolution stems from a standard psychological unease”

Darwinists claim that people object to evolution on emotional grounds, for which reason they “constantly encounter a diametrically opposite opinion.”  The fact is, however, that this claim is completely unrealistic. The only reason why adherents of Creation oppose evolution is that the theory IS AN ENORMOUS FRAUD.   The way that adherents of evolution have turned people away from belief …

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The invalidity of claims regarding “deep impact”

Having suffered a huge rout on the subject of the beginning of life, Darwinists sought refuge behind the idea of “outer space” when they realized they could not account for it in terms of this Earth. Deep impact is the false scientific name given to the myth that “life came from space” espoused by Richard Dawkins. Darwinists placed their hopes …

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