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Darwinist Frauds

Darwinists’ Claims That Darwinism’s Saying “We Come From Apes” is An Oversimplification

Darwinists maintain that the people around them are simplifying Darwinism and Darwin, by provocatively saying, “A fool called Darwin” or “Look, we resemble monkeys, so we must be descended from them.” But this is a deception. There is no provocation going on. People have merely been told about the information of which they are unaware in recent years. It has …

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Important Subjects That Were Never Mentioned On The Program “Siyaset Meydani” (Political Arena)

Certain exceedingly important elements that would destroy all Darwinist claims and swiftly refute everything said by Celal Sengor were never mentioned on the hours-long discussion program “Siyaset Meydani” (Political Arena). These subjects that would immediately convince anyone watching the program and prevent the dissemination of Darwinist propaganda are:   1. How were the djinn and angels created? Those who mistakenly …

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Dawkins! You Can’t Reach a Point by Debating Priests

You’ve turned down Mr. Adnan Oktar’s face to face debate offer by bringing along scientific evidence. Now you only debate secondary school children and priests. If you’re after  victory, you’ll be ashamed. Would it be a victory to defeat a priest, who has no information about Darwinism? Sooner or later, you will confront Mr. Adnan Oktar. What are you going …

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Atalay Girgin Is Mistaken: Darwinism Is Dead and There Is a Mass Turning to Belief in Allah

The Turkish daily Radikal carried a report by Atalay Girgin on its website. In summary, Girgin interprets the belief in Allah in different forms and divides and says that Darwin opposed belief in Allah, the Creator of all things from nothing, the Almighty and the free of all imperfection.  Darwinism is certainly an ideology put forward in order to oppose …

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