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Evidences of Creation

The Invalidity Of The Claim That There Is Disorder In The Universe And The World

Celal Sengor made the astonishing claim that there is no order, but disorder, in space, on Earth or in living things, while maintaining his life and existence without any difficulties in an extraordinary harmony and order, in the vastness of space. Sengor made the amazing claim that the planets had no fixed order within this disorder of which he spoke, …

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Replies to Ekstra Bladet, Denmark’s Well-known Daily

On Ekstra Bladet website, Denmark’s daily with a mass circulation, in an article of Thomas Harder in which Mr. Adnan Oktar was mentioned, a few questions were directed to the author.    1. If there is no evolution, how come bacteria become resistant to, let’s say, penicillin?   The genetic information that establishes resistance to penicillin in bacteria existed before …

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Familiar Sociobiological Myths in The New York Times

The 15 July, 2008, edition of The New York Times carried a report written by Nicholas Wade. His article, titled “Taking a Cue from Ants on Evolution,” discussed the latest research by the Harvard University entomologist Edward O. Wilson. In addition to the Encyclopaedia of Life, about biological diversity, and the book Superorganism, co-authored with Bert Holldobler, about termites, ants, …

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