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Evidences of Creation

The Latest Instance of Evolutionist Dogmatism

The Turkish journal Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology) carried a report headed “Was Life Inevitable?” in its December 2006 issue. The report concerned a new claim about the so-called spontaneous generation of life. The noteworthy thing in the article, however, was the judgmental crisis of the researchers concerned, rather than the claim itself, which was devoid of any scientific …

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PBS “Shape of Life – II”

In this program about Cnidaria, the phylum to which jellyfish, coral and the sea anemone belong, after the statement that the nervous and muscular system on which the movements of present day animals is based first emerged in Cnidaria, the following evolutionist claims are made: Millions of years ago Cnidaria brought about a revolution and brought movement to animals. We …

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Discovery Channel’s Concealment Of The Truth About The Fruit Fly

A documentary called “Super Fly” was broadcast on the Discovery Channel on April 11, 2003. The program dealt with the role played by fruit flies of the species Drosophilia melanogaster in the development of genetic science. A number of important scientific advances in various genetic studies in which the fruit fly was used were described, beginning with the research by …

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Discovery Channel And The Wonderful Colours Of Deep-Sea Creatures

On April 4, 2003, the Discovery Channel broadcast a short, 10-minute presentation film after its program “Discovery with Children.” The film introduced the program “Nature,” in which viewers were invited to discover nature. The film introduced a number of deep-sea creatures and screened perfect light shows from a number of exotic jellyfish and species of fish living in a totally …

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