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The Lie of Animal Evolution

The Error of “Evolutionary Change in Galapagos Finches”

New Scientist magazine carried an article headed “Evolution in action by Darwin’s finches” in its 22 July, 2006, issue. The article concerned various observations made during the drought that affected the Galapagos Islands in 2003 and 2004 by the researchers Peter and Rosemary Grant, known for their studies of the island’s finches. The drought-related reduction in the seeds that represent …

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An Evolutionist Fairy Tale about Mormyrids (Elephant Fish)

In its July 2006 edition, the Turkish scientific journal Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology) published an article titled “A Snapshot of Evolution with the Electric Fish.” The article reported a study conducted in the African country Gabon by researchers from Cornell University in the USA. Working along the banks of the Ivindo River, the researchers performed measurements on the …

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Another Fairy Tale From Turkish Daily Radikal

A bird fossil discovered by palaeontologists in the Chinese province of Gansus was introduced in the 16 June, 2006, edition of the American scientific magazine Science. (1) The discovery was made by a team led by Hai-Lou You from the Geology Institute in Beijing, Jerry Harris from Dixie State College in the US state of Utah and Matt Lamanna from …

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New Species Discovered in a Cave and the BBC’s Evolution Deception

Many of the errors in evolutionist reports are concerned with the interpretation of the “evolution” concept. Let us once again illustrate this by means of a report carried on the BBC website. In a report carried on the site’s science page on 1 June, 2006, titled “Unknown creatures found in cave,” it was announced that previously unknown species had been …

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