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The Lie of Animal Evolution

The BBC’s Insect Eye Error

The sublime creation in nature continues to attract the attention of and inspire scientists. The latest research in this field concerned a modelling study conducted in order to understand the system in the bee eye. Scientists from University of California in the USA succeeded in placing an artificial eye imitating the bee eye and consisting of more than 8500 hexagonal …

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The BBC’s Dreams Of A Transition From Water To Land

A report carried on the BBC”s website on 12 April, 2006, considered a new species of fish discovered by Belgian scientists and described in Nature magazine. The report, titled “African fish leaps for land bugs” described how the fish, given the scientific name of Channallabes apus, had the ability to hunt insects along the shore of the swamps in which it …

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A New Dinosaur Fossil And The Error Of Bird Evolution

On 15 March, 2006, carried an article titled “Fossil ruffles feather evolution theory.” According to this report, which first appeared in Nature magazine, a dinosaur fossil discovered in Germany has completely overturned all the theories regarding the evolution of feathers. Inspired by the Jura Mountains in southern Germany, scientists gave the fossil the name of Juravenator starki. The most …

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An Heavy Blow To The Mammalian Evolution Scenario

The mammalian evolution scenario has been dealt a severe blow by a recent fossil finding. It is reported in the February 24, 2006, issue of the daily New York Times under the heading “Beaver or Otter, It lived in Dinosaurs’ Time.” According to the report prepared by science writer John Noble Wilford, the fossil, belonging to an extinct species, was …

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