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The Lie of Animal Evolution

Genetic Similarity and Errors Regarding the Origin of Language on

On December 14, 2003 , published a report headed “Study: Hearing, smelling differ in man, chimps.” The report considered the analyses of human, chimpanzee and mouse genes performed by researchers from Cornell University and Celera Genomics in the USA , but interpreted the results from an evolutionist perspective. Attention needs to be drawn to one important point here: evolutionist …

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National Geographic Tv “Last of the Dragons”

In this program, information was provided about various species of reptiles. In describing the scales which cover reptiles” bodies, National Geographic TV accounted for the origin of these structures with the following evolutionary tall tale: Scales were provided by the process of evolution over millions of years for different purposes. They were given to allow the snake to assume a …

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Natural History’s Spider Fantasy

The September 2003 edition of Natural History carried an article titled “Love and Death,” which dealt with a study by the evolutionary biologists Matthias W. Foellmer and Daphne J. Fairbaim. (“Spontaneous Male Death During Copulation in an Orb-veawing Spider”, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B (Suppl.) DOI 10. 108/rsbl.2003.0042, 2003) The researchers had observed that the males of …

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