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The Lie of Animal Evolution

National Geographic “Fox City”

This documentary dealt with a species of fox living in Israel. The program was presented by scientists who observed the foxes in their natural habitats, in a semi-desert environment, and made an evolutionary claim about the origin of birds. In one scene, where foxes stole and ate the young from a bird”s nest, it was suggested that the alleged evolution …

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Animal Planet “Big Cat Diary”

An evolutionary claim regarding cheetahs’ anatomies was carried in a program about these animals. It was first explained how the cheetah skeleton was very light to allow it to run fast, and then claimed that this feature was an “evolutionary cost.” Animal Planet described how cheetahs were defenceless against such large predators as lions, and portrayed the ability to run …

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Another “Just -So Story” From The New York Times: Hair Loss

The August 19, 2003, edition of the New York Times carried an article by Nicholas Wade called “Why Humans and Their Fur Parted Ways.” In this article Wade enquired into the reasons why, unlike many mammals, man should be without fur, and dealt with this question in the framework of scenarios regarding human evolution. Wade”s preconceptions on the subject were …

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Animals from A to Z: Too Close For Comfort?

This documentary covered a subject which is frequently resorted to in Darwinist propaganda in order to mislead the public: chimpanzee intelligence and behaviour. Its subject matter was a group of chimpanzees who live in the rainforests, known as the Tai Jungle, on the coast of the Western African country The Ivory Coast. Viewers were shown images and provided comments regarding …

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