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The Lie of Animal Evolution

Why Is Hurriyet Bilim Astonished By An Example Of “Lack Of Evolution”?

In its August 2, 2003, edition, Hurriyet Bilim, the weekly supplement to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, carried a report titled “Fruit Flies Refute Evolution.” The sub-caption to the article read, “Scientists have made an astonishing discovery and, contrary to the theory of evolution, have observed that a fruit fly is unable to adapt to increasing conditions of drought.” The observations …

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Natural Comparisons: Dead Ringer

In this program Animal Planet devoted space to exceedingly deceptive statements frequently employed among evolutionists in popular accounts. These accounts lacking any scientific value can be regarded as being no more than fairy tales. The following statement was used in the context of dolphins, which, according to the theory of evolution, evolved from land-dwelling mammals: ‘The ancestor of the dolphin …

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Natural Comparisons: Poles Apart

This was the second part of the serial documentary that began on the 5th of July. The documentary explained similarities in nature from an evolutionist perspective. For instance, the program related that the fur of animals, living on the north and south poles respectively, had a similar structure despite the distance in between the poles, but proceeded to claim that …

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PBS-1 “Shape of Life”

  A documentary concerning the phylum Annelidae stressed that in general the worms which emerged during the Cambrian period possessed the same body plans as a great many living things in the world today. However, it was also claimed, on the basis of evolution, that worms are the evolutionary ancestors of many creatures. Nothing positive emerged in the portrayal of …

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