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The Lie of Animal Evolution

Discovery Channel’s Spider Dilenma

On March 14, 2003, the Discovery Channel broadcast a documentary called “World of Discovery: The Spider” in Turkey. The documentary gives examples of the hunting techniques employed by various species of spider and stresses what a superior substance spider thread is. It describes how spider thread is much stronger than steel, and mentions the technological and industrial fields in which …

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Scientific American’s Dino-Bird Errors

Scientific American, one of the passionate proponents of the Darwinist theory, considered one of the theory”s popular claims in its March 2003 issue: the evolution of birds. An article by the ornithologists Richard O. Prum and Alan Brush titled “The Feather or the Bird, Which Came First?” reiterated the classical evolutionist thesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs with a new …

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Evolutionary Tell Tales From BBC

The evolutionist propaganda on BBC continued, with the documentary The Human Body, telling its viewers tall tales about evolution, without offering a scrap of scientific evidence. The second instalment of the documentary The Human Body consisted of evolutionist propaganda devoid of any scientific credibility. The errors in the documentary screened by BBC are scientifically explained below. The BBC documentary maintained …

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What is the “Darwinist fairy tale” and why does it constitute no evidence for the theory of evolution?

The documentaries broadcast by such Darwinist TV channels as National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel share one point in common. These documentaries all contain imaginary conjecture as to why and/or how the biological structures or characteristics of a living thing may have evolved. The striking thing is that these accounts are told as facts while they are actually “artefacts” of …

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